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Income Tax Planning

We add value to our corporate tax accounting services by understanding our client’s business in order to make effective tax planning and advise our client on the tax implications of a proposed transaction. Our accounting & tax services are highly personalised. Our objective is to assist our clients in achieving the most favourable tax position without compromising integrity and compliance.

At Aglow Corporate Services, you can get the following taxation services:

  • Tax planning
  • Consultation services
  • Preparation of income tax ( personal income tax and corporate income tax)
  • Filing of income tax
  • ECI Estimated Chargeable Income calculations

Aglow Corporate Services Pte Ltd accounting and tax services help SMEs in Productivity, Innovation Credit (PIC) claims, and income tax planning and compliance. Outsourcing your corporate tax and accounting service to us gives you peace of mind in meeting your company’s compliance needs and saves cost.

How To Choose A Firm For Accounting And Tax Services

Get Referrals

The best way to find the right firm that offers accounting and tax services is to ask around in your circle of friends, relatives, family, and business colleagues. It is the easiest way to pick trusted tax accountants in Singapore. People who have hired services of a company before can guide you about its procedures and add valued information as to whom you should consider and why. You can seek help from professional financial advisors to point you in the correct direction and review all the firms as per your tax needs and financial situation.

Research The Market

You must take some time to research the markets to find the best firms that can help you with filing tax, as it will benefit you in the long run. Also, various companies can give you added advantages and valuable tax advice. For this reason, you have to check the experience, qualification, and expertise of the professional firms. It will help you decide which company would be an excellent fit for your business.

Look In The Right Place

You must also choose the right type of tax accountants for your business, someone who specialises in the particular area in which your company requires help. You would not want to hire someone for property tax who does not  have any idea about the filing of property tax in Singapore. So, never hesitate to explore the expertise of the firm that will be handling your tax affairs and filing taxes for you.

Do Thorough Inspection

Be cautious about the accountants who promise big things and boosts about refunds in the beginning, even before they have evaluated your financial conditions. You must look out for any red flags surrounding the accounting firm and do a thorough evaluation for your satisfaction. Moreover, you have the right to terminate a contract if you feel something is not correct. That is why take your time in hiring the best tax and accounting services for your business.

Ask The Right Questions

Before hiring an accounting firm, discuss your situation with them and ask questions for your satisfaction. Pay an official visit to the firm and meet the accountant in person if you feel the need. Ask them about their designation, qualification, and experience, as well as their specialised areas. You must also ask them regarding their working procedures and payment methods. The firm you hire must also offer affordable and cost-effective fees and charges for the taxation processes.

What Includes In Accounting & Tax Services?

Goods And Services Tax (GST)

The filing of GST and its system put pressure on various organisations for compliance and following the rules and regulations. Our competent and skilful staff can help you through the entire process, navigate through the GST filing, and ensure that your financial records are maintained accurately as per the law. Moreover, we advise regarding the tax matters, review the data entry, and check the financial reports for any discrepancies. We also advise businesses for any specific financial affair and the involvement of accounting and taxes.

Personal Income Tax

The personal income taxes are usually low and competitive in Singapore as compared to other developed countries. The taxation process is relatively easy and straightforward for the residents in Singapore. It also offers several benefits and tax incentives to tax-paying individuals. This helps in enticing and attracting more entrepreneurs and foreign companies to invest in businesses in Singapore.

However, the tax policies and rules can vary as per the status of the individuals residing in Singapore. The tax applies to the personal income earned in Singapore or received here. The foreign income source is liable for taxation under specific conditions. We can assist businesses in calculating the amount of tax and understand the policies that apply to you specifically. Our taxation service is tailored as per the individual needs and demands.

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